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Tin metal and galvanized steel products

tin-plated steel sheet is commonly known, the English abbreviation for SPTE, refers to commercially pure tin plating on both sides of cold rolled low carbon steel sheet or strip. Tin mainly from the effect of preventing corrosion and rust. It strength and formability of steel with tin corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetic appearance being bound to a material resistant to corrosion, high non-toxic, strength, good ductility properties. Tinplate applications is very broad, providing the content on the physical and chemical properties as well protected from the food and beverage packaging material to oil tanks, chemical tanks, and other miscellaneous cans, tin advantages and characteristics

air round duct adjustable elbow galvanized steel metal lobby dustpan long handle outdoor barbucue grill tin metal bucket
Air Duct Elbow
Metal lobby dustpan
outdoor barbucue grill
Tin Metal Bucket
tin metal round boxes tin metal water can tin metal watering bucket vintage crease oil spouted bucket
Tin Metal Boxes
Tin Metal Water Can
Tin Metal water bucket
Oil Spouted Bucket


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