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Permanent Mold Casting also called Gravty Casting , it is a generic term used to describe all permanent mold casting processes. They main similarity of this group being the employment of a permanent mold that can be used repeatedly for multiple castings. The mold also called a die is commonly made of steel or iron, but other metals or ceramics can be used. Parts that may be manufactured in industry using this casting process include cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, parts for aircraft and rockets, gear blanks, and kitchenware.

Permanent mold casting is cost effective produces good quality components offers process control is best for creating small scale parts does not require a large machine to inject the metal needs much less start up cost than die casting lends itself to more material types

Aluminum Manger waterbowl horse fountain cast aluminum pipes manifold cast aluminum cross pipes tubes valve body casting aluminum
Cast Aluminum Manger
Aluminum Manifold
Cast Aluminum Cross
Valve body Casting
Cast Aluminum Handle hanger floor polisher housing cast aluminum gas stove burner aluminum casting permanent mold casting parts aluminum
Aluminum Handle
Floor polisher Housing
Aluminum Gas Burner
Permanent mold casting


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