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custom mold manufactuer

As a molding solution provider,we are able to provide a wide range of service, from investment casting mold making to sand casting mold, gravitey casting mold,die casting mold and plastic injection mold making. we can provide the most cost effective way of design & manufacturing to meet customer’s individual requirements!

aluminum die casting tooling blow mold tooling extrusion_tooling_aluminum Gravity casting mold
Die Casting tooling
Blow Mold Tooling
Extrusion Mold
Gravity Casting Mold
investment casting mold making Plastic Injection Mold making Sand casting mold making Stamping mold making
Plastic Injection Mold
Sand Casting Mold
Stamping Mold


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Cast Aluminum Frying Pan

 Lawn Leaf Bag Cart

Utility Dump Trailer

Strapping Floor Stand

stainless steel sculpture

Counter Roll Holder

Polythene Dispense

Blower Stand

Snow Pushers

Grape Press