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Whirlwind milling

Whirlwind milling- best machining technique for process worm, Acme thread, screw thread, worm screw,thread rod, lead screw and ball screw

Whirlwind milling is complete, high-speed lathe thread milling device. Mounted on high-speed rotating cutter knife on the carbide forming, milling out the thread from the work of the thread processing methods Because of the high milling speed (speed of 400m/min), faster processing efficiency, and chip removal using compressed air for cooling. Cutting processing is named after flying like a whirlwind - whirlwind milling.
Whirlwind milling can achieve dry cutting, heavy cutting, hard machining materials and ultra-high speed cutting, small power consumption. Surface roughness can reach Ra0.8μm. Lathe spindle speed slow, so high precision machine movement, dynamic stability, is an advanced processing methods thread
The advantages of thread milling cutting whirlwind:
• processing efficiency, processing efficiency than the traditional can be more than 10 times
• Product - knife shape, eccentric cutting without retracting
• do not change lathe structure, helix angle adjustable, easy to install
• surface roughness Ra0.8 micron machining accuracy to improve two
• lathe slow axial feed, easy to operate, professional and technical workers can reduce




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