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What is stainless steel lost wax casting process

Lost wax casting
Investment casting, also known as "lost wax casting", usually in wax coated with several layers of refractory material, let it harden after drying, which will be made to melt wax shell, then calcined, and then pouring , to obtain a casting method. Since the casting obtained with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, so called "Casting." Available type of alloy investment casting production of a carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, precision alloy, permanent magnet alloy, bearing alloys, copper alloys, aluminum, titanium and ductile iron.

Shape castings are generally more complex, the casting can cast the smallest hole diameter up to 0.5mm, the minimum wall thickness of the casting is 0.3mm. In the production of some of the original can be made of a combination of several parts of the member, by changing the parts of the structure, designed as an integral part directly cast from the casting melt, the metal in order to save processing time and material consumption, making the structure more parts reasonable.

Castings weight of dozens of cattle mostly zero (ie, tens of grams to several kilograms), heavy castings investment casting production of more trouble, but the current production of large castings weight reached about 800 cattle.

Membrane casting solution is to use fusible material model, and then hang refractory coating on the model, after hardening, melting and discharging in the model type, but to obtain a mold, baking mold after casting without parting.

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