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Jaw coupling processing

Jaw coupling precessing method

Jaw coupling is a very common application of the coupling, also called claw coupling, is composed of two metal claw plate and a flexible body composition. Two metal claws of steel plate is usually 45 steel, but if required loads and sensitive ,maybe use aluminum. The following is our way to processing jaw coupling, we buy good quality round steel from market,after turning, milling, broaching and other machining methods of machining, and then through the whole heat treatment,so can  ensure adequate mechanical strength,.there is another claw plate is by casting in the market, can mass production,and also eliminates the processing loss. So price is much lower than machining. But not very good casting performance. In some important occasions,you had better not to use. And the casting of the claws or teeth in the high-speed high-load situations prone to a tooth (teeth claws fall off).
Elastomers are generally composed of a plastic or rubber. Life of the coupling is a flexible life. As the compression elastic obvious tension. General elastomer life of 10 years. As the elastic buffer, damping effect, so there is a strong vibration in the use of more occasions. Elastomer limit temperature, determines the coupling temperature, typically -35 to +80 degrees.
  Flexible jaw coupling is a claw with two convex shape with the same half-coupling, and elastic components, using plum-shaped elastic element placed between two halves of the coupling claw convex, in order to achieve the coupling halves connection. With two-axis compensation relative displacement, vibration, buffer, radial, small size, simple structure, no lubrication, high load capacity, easy maintenance, but when the replacement of elastic element coupling the two halves need to move along the axis. Apply to join two coaxial, start frequently, Reversible changes in the low, medium and small power transmission shaft systems, high reliability required for the work site, not to heavy and axial size restrictions, after the replacement of the two axes of elastic components of the difficult parts. Standards revision, plum-shaped elastic element of the material and the casting of polyurethane nylon two. Selected according to different conditions in different materials, such as fans, pumps, light industry, textiles, etc., as a smooth, load big change may make use of polyurethane. Small price difference between the two materials.




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