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How TO Make Grape Wine and how to tasting it.

 How to make wine and wine tasting it?
Wine brewing process
First, remove the stem is first, that is, the fruit down from the grapes comb-shaped branch. Particularly because the branch contains tannic acid, it has an unpleasant taste in the wine.

Second, squeezing fruit. use a grape press When brewed wine, grape skin and grape flesh is pressed at the same time, the red pigment contained in red wine, grape skin is in the press when released. Because of this, all wine color is red.

Third, the juice and fermentation. After juicing, you can get wine raw materials - grape juice. With wine sauce can be brewed wine. Wine is a product obtained by fermentation. After fermentation, the sugar contained in grapes will gradually turn into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Thus, in the fermentation process, less sugar, and alcohol is increasing. By slow fermentation process can spawn delicate taste aromatic red wine.

Fourth, add sulfur dioxide. To maintain freshness and fruity wine, it must add sulfur dioxide treatment immediately after the fermentation process. Sulfur dioxide can be prevented by the oxygen in the air so that oxidation of wine caused. New wine after fermentation approximately 3 weeks, must be carried out first and precipitation change barrel. Second cake to 4-6 weeks. Order frequency and duration of precipitation on, is entirely to be achieved tastes.

Five wines saved 3-9 months in the barrel, it is necessary bottling. Previously, wine bottles sealed with corks, now (since 2001) a lot of scientific and technological innovation of the new bottling plant are vacuum-sealed rotary bottle.
Step wine tasting
The first step: wine wine temperature control. Drinking red wine is traditionally cool room temperature between 18-21 degrees Celsius (white wine is between 9 and 12 degrees), at this temperature, a variety of vintage wines at their best. After iced bottle of wine than red wine tannins cool room temperature (wine astringency was substance) characteristics are more significant, and therefore taste more astringent. White wine the contrary, it is to highlight the fresh and sour Thus after appropriate iced drink. When drinking the correct approach is to use your fingers instead of a column goblet hand holding a cup, or cause wine temperature differences can affect the coordination of the wine.

Step two: sober. Dusty bottle of wine for many years, just opened when the smell will appear, then you need to "wake up" this wine. Pour wine decanter exquisite Wait after ten minutes, the smell of the wine will be dispersed. General requirements decanters wine and let the air contact area of ​​the maximum. After full oxidation of wine, the fragrance will show it up. This process can be extended an hour best, causing wine lovers atmosphere.

Step Three: Concept wine. The kind of red wine tantalizing enough, when to pour wine glass tapped, the wine does not overflow as the basic requirements. Under sunny conditions the wine cup tap on white paper, watch the edge of red wine, structured by multiple new wine, color uniformity who is a bit of age, if slightly brown, it is possible to hit the bottle vintage wines.

Step four: drinking. Before wine importers, sniff deeply and look in the glass, this time has been able to enjoy the fragrance of the wine, the new wine fruit flavor is very heavy, but this will be old wine assertive personality deeply introverted. Swallowed a mouthful of wine, so the wine stays in the mouth for a moment, playing two races on the tongue, and then take a deep breath to make full sensory experience of wine, and finally all swallow, an immediate fragrance linger.

Step five: wine order. Chen should drink earlier in accordance with the new, the principle of concentrated light drinking earlier in the post.

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