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general principles for cnc precision machining process routes

General principles machining preparation process routes

Machining process planning formulation, can be roughly divided into two steps. The first is to develop parts processing process route, and then determine the size of each step of the procedure, the use of equipment and process equipment as well as cutting specification, fixed working hours and so on. These two steps are interrelated and should be analyzed. Routing is to develop the overall layout of the formulation process, the main task is to select the processing method for each surface, to determine the processing order of the respective surface, and the whole process much number of steps and the like. General principles drawn routings

1, the first processing plane

Part in the process, as the positioning reference surface should first be processed out as soon as possible in order to provide a benchmark for fine machining of the succeeding process. Called "reference first."

2, divide the processing stage

Processing high surface quality requirements are divided into stages of processing, generally can be divided into roughing, semi-finishing and finishing three stages. Mainly to ensure processing quality; conducive to the rational use of equipment; easy to arrange a heat treatment step; and found easy to rough defects.

3, after the first surface hole

[1] for housing, bracket and connecting rod parts should be processed hole machining plane. So that it can locate a plane machined hole to ensure the accuracy of the position of the plane and the hole, and easy machining hole on a plane to bring.

4, finishing

The main finishing surface (such as grinding, honing, lapping \ rolling processing, etc.), should be placed on the final stage process route, surface finish after processing in Ra0.8um more than a slight bump can damage the surface in Japan Germany and other countries, after finishing, should be protected with velvet, absolute ban on hand or other objects in direct contact with the workpiece, in order to avoid finishing the surface, due to the transport and installation process between the damage and

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