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Features and Applications of Investment Casting mold Process

     Soluble film casting is fusible material model, and then hang refractory coating on the model, after hardening, melting discharge type in the model, but to obtain a mold, pouring mold after firing without parting.

A process:

A : Lost wax mold making 1) Pressure type: special mold wax mold, made of steel copper and aluminum cutting 2) suppression of wax: paraffin, beeswax, stearic acid, rosin, wax melted material is pressed into pressure type, pulled out after condensation, repair deburring, get wax 3) wax mold assembly: Several wax poured on welding in a straight stick. 2 crusts: wax coated with paint, curing and drying 1) dip coating (quartz powder + binder paste) smooth surface 2) spreading sand (coarse quartz sand) Objective: thickening of the shell 3) Hardening (water glass + NH4CL-SIO2) chemical hardening 3 dewaxing roasting 1) dewaxing: hot water or steam 2) roasting: Heat 800 ~ 1000 ℃ progress shell strength 4 sand filling: casting 1) fill sand: shell into the metal box, filled with dry sand nearby 2) casting: hot (600 ~ 700 ℃) were pouring 5 After cooling off the sand clean, destructive shell, pulled castings, degating, burrs, annealing or normalizing, in order to obtain the desired mechanical properties.

B features and applications

1 precision Casting, finish and shape complex parts can be cast 2 can forge all kinds of alloy (shell is high-grade refractory) 3 single-piece, small batch, high-volume production can be 4 small, no machining (Ra3.2 ~ 1.6um) slightly grind 5 material is expensive, complicated process, long production cycle Application: Use a high melting point alloy precision castings batch, mass production, shape complex, difficult machining small parts such as: turbine blades, handicrafts.

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