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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic and manual clamps fixtures

Rally fixture is one of the most important constituent parts, according to different power sources can be divided into: manual and pneumatic clamp fixture. The former entirely on human action to clamp the style and the latter is the application of the principles of the style clamping pressure, in general there is no manual pneumatic clamp jig prices high, if you do not consider the cost of a high power factor is recommended that you choose a pneumatic fixture. Why do I say, here we give you to talk about it What are the advantages and disadvantages between the two.

First, the manual fixtures:

1, the working principle: With the manpower strength to tensile machine fixture urging, let caught in the middle of the specimen clamp to be "stuck" to achieve a fixed result. So that we can on the specimen tensile, compression, peeling and other physical properties tested.

2, manual clamp advantages: a: simple operation, only need to be placed between the two clamps Shape, two holding a stop to, urging the clamp can be. b: affordable, general manual fixture prices between several hundred, quality is also just a little bit better a thousand only, if taking into account capital investment, a manual clamp or a good choice.

3: Manually fixture disadvantages: a: Manual fixture clamping force depends on the operator's strength. b: If you want to carry out a second test, but also man-made first and then remove the original style of the new style clamping repeatability test is poor.

Second, the pneumatic fixtures: 1, the working principle: pneumatic clamp is a compressed air as the power source of a clamp it through the cylinder air pressure into mechanical energy, can achieve style positioning, clamping effect. 2, pneumatic clamps advantages: a: simple, easy to achieve automatic control, without the aid of an artificial force clamping style can work. b: Pneumatic reaction speed, highly repeatable test, thus shortening the testing time in the production process, improve production efficiency. 3, pneumatic clamps disadvantages: a: expensive, its price is generally around 2000-5000, slightly better quality of tens of thousands of dollars range. b: high maintenance costs compared to pneumatic clamp manually much more expensive. Summary: These two types of clamps each have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can according to their actual requirements to buy can be.

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