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Die Casting Mold deisgn process and steps

Die-casting mold design steps are as follows:
1, die casting process analysis, including alloys, casting structure and casting technical analysis;
2, process design, including the sub-surface, gate location, gating system, number of cavities, pumping core programs and the number of overflow discharge, casting the top of the program, die-casting machine selection and other aspects of determining and setting;
3, pouring and discharge overflow design system. Including process parameters, calculate the size of the gate, gating system to determine the shape and size and position of exhaust ducts dross size calculation;
4, die casting mold structure design. Including inserts, cavity, core pulling, top out, cooling water, heating pipes and other aspects of the design.
5 of die-casting mold design diagram.
6, die-casting mold parts design.

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