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How to select the die casting machine according to the clamping force ?

In the early die-casting mold design and product pricing are when it comes to the choice of the tonnage die casting machine tonnage selection according to the following three steps:

First, check the clamping force

a. The total projected area A = projected area of ​​the casting sprue area A1 + A2 (0.15 ~ 0.3A1) + row overflow system A3 (0.1 ~ 0.2A1) + material handle area A4 (3.14xdxd d to feed chamber diameter, also both for punch head diameter)

type b expansion force F1 = total projected area Ax injection pressure (MPa) is the so-called injection pressure per unit area on the pressure, based on experience: general 30 to 50 50 to 80 carrier air resistance confidential 80 to 100

. C-type expansion clamping force F2 = force F1 / K K for the insurance factor: 0.85

Tonnage primaries die casting machine

Second, check the fullness

a. The total weight of the casting weight = weight + runner + weight + material handle the projected area of ​​each part of the existing row overflow system weight, calculate its depth, knowing the volume

b. fullness = total weight / volume casting alloy casting weight maximum amount of different die casting machine with a different feed chamber when

According full value check primaries die casting machine tonnage fullness usually between 40% to 75%

Third, check the size of the mold

a. the casting simple mold qualifying, knowing the size of the mold

b. According to the size of the die casting machine check selected from Gelin is appropriate

Finally, determine die casting machine tonnage

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