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Definitions and advantages of pneumatic clamp

Definitions and advantages of pneumatic clamp: pneumatic clamps is a compressed air as a power source of the fixture, it is through the cylinder gas pressure is converted to mechanical energy can be done fixture clamping and other actions.
Using pneumatic clamp has the following advantages:
Easy to operate, can greatly reduce the labor intensity;
Pneumatic reaction speed, so in the production process can shorten the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity;
Pneumatic fixture pneumatic components allow a small amount of leakage, and thus precision pneumatic components not too high, suitable for manufacturing;
Using pneumatic fixtures easy to implement automatic control.
Compared with the manual chuck, air chuck special priority than the push of a button, it can instantly self-centering clamping the workpiece, and the clamping force is adjusted, in addition to improve work efficiency, but also to achieve more than one operation CNC machine tools, greatly reduce the cost of human resources, but also reduce the investment in fixed equipment, widely used in the bulk mechanical processing enterprises. Another difficulty can be customized shaped clamping member (such as valves, pumps and other castings) non-standard pneumatic clamps according to customer demand

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