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Calculation views for investment Casting mold shrinkage rate

  First, the 1 opinions:
       Casting shrinkage means: casting solidification cooling process, due to linear contraction caused by the reduction rate and the actual size of the casting pattern dimensions.
Size depends on the casting shrinkage: alloy composition, casting structure, size, material mold shrinkage, Shell refractories, liquid alloy casting temperature.
Casting shrinkage ε = (L-L1) / L1 × 100% where L is the appearance of size; L1 is casting size.
      Second, the 2 opinions:
      Shrinkage is determined by the material, but the specific parts of the size of the contraction may be subject to different castings shaped structure decisions. For example: an edge part as shown in the Yangtze River Delta
If one side is wider than the width of the two sides, then the parts when you do not take the necessary measures to casting bending deformation will occur, but it is not caused by the shrinkage rate is not the same, the shape of 20 products, generally for the same material, the shrinkage rate is the same, the specific measurements and calculations is the national standard, you can find
      Third, the 3 opinions:
      Casting shrinkage casting, also known as linear shrinkage, it refers to the process of casting in the solidification shrinkage percentage of each part of downsizing. It is closely related to the type of alloy castings, chemical composition, the type of mold, the cooling conditions and the structural characteristics of the casting itself and other factors.
Casting shrinkage = (casting final size - look size) / pattern size * 100%

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