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Aluminum radiator heatsink extrusion production process planning


First, the teeth and the tongue when density larger than the mold test mode, the first support rod must be 150-200mm short rod or pure aluminum rod.
Second, before the test mode, you must adjust the extrusion center axis extrusion, tube and filled ingot mold base spout on a center line.
Third, in the test mode and the normal production process, the rod to ensure the heating temperature between 480-520 ℃.
Four, mold heating temperature according to the conventional mold temperature is controlled at about 480 ℃, flat die diameter of 200mm or less holding time of not less than 2 hours, if the split mold kept at least 3 hours; diameter greater than 200mm above the mold incubated 4-6 hours to ensure uniform temperature of the mold core with the outside temperature.
Fifth, before tryout or production, must be cleaned with clean cylinder head gasket cylinder liner containing ingot and see whether the normal operation of the extruder empty.
Six, when the test mode or the beginning of production, extruder autopilot off, each stage switching zero bits. Starting from the minimum pressure slowly from the pressure, the material about 3-5 minutes, the main control the pressure filling process aluminum. Pressure control in less than 100Kg / cm2, meter data within 2-3A, general 80-120Kg / cm2 can be discharged, after slowly before accelerating to normal production speed extrusion pressure is less than 120 Kg / cm2 prevail.
Seven die in a tryout or production process, such as found blocking mode, partial tooth, speed deviation and so much to stop immediately, and to point the way back unloading mode, to avoid mold scrapped. Eight, in test mode or production process, the discharge port must be smooth, advances or fixtures slack reasonable grasp of the material according to the situation. Observed at any abnormal situation, in time, when the shutdown to stop immediately.
Nine, straightening process before and after the change to carefully detect, operating specifications, moderate force, strict security product quality.
Ten, according to the production plan reasonable length single claim, when sawing, saw feed rate is not too fast, to avoid injuring the tip, the tip must be positive pliers, remove burrs and burrs.
XI, loaded baskets to specifications, including reasonable cushion strip should be placed to avoid damage profiles.
XII aging temperature profile control in 190 ± 5 ℃, insulation 2.5-4 hours, cooled after baked.





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