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Honestmen limited is a precision engineering company based in Weifang,China. We are always looking for opportunities, developing business and growing every year. We provide our customers with turnkey manufacturing solutions from design, prototype ,casting,machining, surface treatment, and assembly! We offers precision CNC machining of small to medium sized components for various high tech industries that require a high degree of precision and quality control,Our state-of-the-art facility offers comprehensive turnkey services, ranging from prototyping to manufacturing and supply chain management Types of work we do now are CNC turning and milling, design and manufacture of molds and dies, metal product design, metal sanding, welding, grinding and assembly! Our precision machining and turning equipment can work with a broad array of materials, ranging from stainless steel and copper to titanium and aluminum.

Depending on material and design, our customer’s parts may require various finishing options. Our finishing options include sandblasting, aquablasting, polishing, plating, painting, powder coating, printing, anodizing and machine finishing. We always advise our customers on the finishing options that can be used on a particular part, which is essential when your parts need to be of high quality.

We can help you with innovative machining solutions that contribute to the design and development of a product line that performs better and more economically for your application.

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Cast Aluminum Frying Pan

 Lawn Leaf Bag Cart

Stainless Steel Birdcages

Strapping Floor Stand

stainless steel sculpture

Counter Roll Holder

Polythene Dispense

Blower Stand

Snow Pushers

Grape Press

Olive Oil Press

Bird Cage Parrot Cage